AMYN Weekend Kids Religious School

  AMYN Weekend Kids Religious School

The Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN) has been running Weekend Islamic School classes for children for close to six years. Striving to ensure high quality education, AMYN provides a friendly Islamic atmosphere where the Madrasah program is being taught by approachable and well-informed teachers aiming at developing our children’s Islamic character to make them better members of the society while helping them at a time when they face many challenges in their lives.

Some useful information about the Weekend Islamic School:

  • The School classes are open to children from the ages of 5 and over for both boys and girls.
  • Classes run weekly on Sunday mornings, 9am – 12pm, concurrently to school terms.

Subjects taught include:

  1. Quran recitation
  2. Quran memorisation
  3. Arabic understanding
  4. Foundation religious studies including Tafsir of Quran with its principles, Hadith meaning and authenticity studies, fiqh (practice guidelines) of acts of worship, history/seerah, foundations of belief in God, inculcating good character with ones self, spouse, family, neighbours and associates.

NOTE: Enrollment is essential.

For enrollment and more information about the Madrasah, email or call 0406 740 790.

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