9th AMYN Annual Camp

Strengthen brotherhood, enjoy various activities and stay near beautiful beaches in Northern NSW.



The 8th Annual AMYN Summer Youth Camp just concluded and this time it was to Sunshine Coast. The participants were blessed with opportunity to strengthen their Iman and brotherhood while enjoying all the outdoor and recreational activities .

One of the aims of the camp, besides fun & recreation, was to have reinforce our Iman and the beautiful Islamic character.

So, during the 3 days and 3 nights at the camp, daily knowledge circles were held on some of the needs of our time, ie Effect of Iman on a great Islamic Character, Importance of Great Character with Parents, our wives, children, and others in general. These talks were presented by HikmahWay Institute instructors and AMYN Speakers. The final talk of the camp though was presented by our Director, Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel, on the life of a superstar and of a super Muslim with knowledge, great deeds and internal happiness in this short life and in the eternal Paradise.

Besides the talks, everyone also had a good time with various activities such as rock climbing, abseiling, archery, swimming at the beautiful Sunshine Coast beach, sports, games and etc. Rock climbing & abseiling surprised many of us as Muslims rarely experience this activity! Four people got the bulls eye and popped the bulls eye balloon in archery’s bow and arrow activity. The beach, its sand and the sun were spectacular and refreshing, subhanallah! The halal food catered was healthy yet very delicious, the main course of the meal as well as the desserts, mashaAllah!

The camp was a great opportunity to combine between the best of both worlds (balanced fun and knowledge) in a halal Islamic manner while making new friendships.

At the Australian Muslim Youth Network, AMYN, we are already planning the next year’s 9th camp, inshaAllah! So, remember to join us again in the next AMYN Camp, and in the meantime, cherish the moments we have had this time and in the past with the love and mutual respect stemming from our love for Allah.

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8th Annual AMYN Summer Camp


6th Annual AMYN Summer Brotherhood CampA friend in need is a friend indeed! On the day of Judgement, some Muslims plead to Allah to save their Muslim friends from hell fire and Allah exactly that!

This is how important it is to have pious friends.

So attend yourself, or send your youth, to the 8th Annual AMYN Summer Brotherhood Camp 2016 for brothers only this 16th December till Monday the 19th December 2016. Set in Sunshine Coast camp sites and catered with Halal food, this is a great opportunity – fun activities (rock climbing, abseiling, ropes, fun archery, swimming etc) along with character building & Islamic talks.

The lasting great thing about the AMYN Youth Camp is the learning & strengthening of brotherhood! The first 25 people may have the special price of $100 (usual price is $250) for everything mentioned above.

So attend the AMYN Summer Youth Camp to have clean, halal, brotherhood. Please register now as time is running out.

For reservations, please SMS or Call 0414 156 900 or Email

Note*: Please contact us for detail costs of activities.



AMYN 4th Annual Futsal Tournament 2015

AMYN 4th Annual  Futsal Tournament 2015

Futsal Poster Final LQ

There is a saying in Brazil: "A great footballer is born here every day". Moreover, it is also believed that Futsal is one of the main reasons as to why Brazil has many superstars.

So if you play futsal in Brazil, you may play with some of these superstars.

But did you know if you're playing futsal here, in Brisbane, you may get more than just the joy of playing soccer with others who share the same hobby like you.

Join AMYN Futsal Tournament 2015 and you can have all the following by just playing futsal:

  1. HAVE FUN,
  2. Strengethen the brotherhood,
  3. Help other Muslim brothers to get closer to the deen,
  4. Win $1000 prizes, large team trophy and individual medals,
  5. Improve fitness
  6. Strengthen Iman and GAIN SO MUCH REWARD inshaAllah.

No, that's not a joke - YOU can have all of that inshaAllah.

Register your team for the 4th Annual AMYN Futsal tournament 2015 and you can have all of that inshaAllah.

Tournament Details:

Date: Sunday, 13 September 2015
Venue: Logan Metro Sports Centre
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Total Number of Teams: 12
Total Pools: 4
Pool play: 20 minutes (10 mins half)
Finals: 30 mins (15 mins half)
No of Players per team: register upto 10 players per team, 5 players play at one time.

There will be quarters semis and final after pool play.

$1000 prize money together with medals and trophies.

Registration cost: $250 per team

Contact us now to register a spot: call 0414 156 900 or email us at