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Open your Treasure of The Quran 2024

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At AMYN, our Mission with this program is to provide opportunity for everyone to learn the Arabic Language with the goal to understand the Words of Allah.

Therefore, just after Eid-fitr 2024, we will once again commence our “Open Your Treasure of The Quran” Arabic Program.

There will be three levels following the famous Madinah Arabic syllabus taught at the Islamic University of Madinah. Each level will take approximately 1 year to finish.

The class will be in person every Sunday afternoon with approximately 2 hours lesson time per week.

Syllabus: Madinah Arabic as it was taught at the Islamic University of Madinah

Class Schedule: Starting 28th April 2024, Every Sunday afternoon in person for 2 hours a week. Each Level will take approximately one year to complete.

Venue: Near Kuraby area.

The Cost: FREE (Students may need to buy the book or download it online).

Please register your interest to join this Arabic Program by filling in the form below

It is a pre-requisite of the program that you are able to read and write in Arabic (understanding is not necessary)(required)

Is this the first time you teach an Arabic Program?
The short answer is no. Australian Muslim Youth Network (AMYN) has offered several OYTQ programs before.  The first program was offered in 2013 and the last one was in 2021.

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